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We're Bill and Nancy Bamberger, two retired seniors who like to travel. This website documents some of our trips and hikes. We hope you find the site informative and interesting. Click on the Map to see where we've been.
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Nancy's Journals
Nancy's travel journals are her personal account of our trips. They contain lots of photos and details about the places we've gone.

Nancy with her Masai Friends

We enjoy hiking and often combine our love of travel with hiking. We've created a section on the website that contains photos of some of our hikes.

Mt. Lassen

Cuba Although we grew up in Texas, we never went to Texas's largest national park--1,251.8 square mile Big Bend. Named after the big bend in the
Rio Grande River, Big Bend occupies 118 miles of the border with Mexico. The park includes deserts, mountains canyons, and hosts an exceptional diversity of plant and animal habitats.
A Recent Trip-Belgium and Rhine River, August 2017
Cuba We've been to Europe many times, but never to Belgium or the Rhine River. So we signed up with Grand Circle Cruise Line for a river cruise along the Rhine and
Mosel Rivers, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland. Before the cruise we spent a few days on our own in Brussels and Bruges.

When we're not traveling, we spend a lot to time on our non-profit, the Cambodian Village Fund, working to improve the educational opportunities for the children in rural Cambodia. To learn more, or to donate to the fund, click here. Girl from Prey Tauch

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