About Bill and Nancy

We're a married couple (50 years) who love to travel. Since retiring (Bill in 2000 and Nancy in 2002) our goal is to be on the road at least two months of the year. Even before retiring we traveled as much as possible between work and raising a family. (See the list or our trips.)

We usually travel independently, but have gone on a few group tours. We went on a cruise a long time ago (Alaska Inside Passage) and decided that cruising is not for us. When traveling we like to stay in small, family-owned hotels and eat in neighborhood restaurants. Some of our favorite places are Cambodia (see our website for the Cambodian Village Fund), Vietnam, Turkey and, of course, Europe. We also like to camp and hike, and have visited many national parks in the US.

In addition to traveling, we try to keep active. We bike every Sunday (both road and mountain biking), hike every Wednesday, Bill runs most other days and Nancy goes to the gym for spinning and yoga.

We enjoy spending time with our daughter, Amy, and her family (husband Brian and daughter Zion) who live a block from us. Our teen-aged granddaughter, Zion, is a big part of our lives.

We put together this travel website to share our travel experiences. When we do research for our travels we rely heavily on the Internet. We find the many travel journals available on the Internet to be especially helpful in planning our trips. We hope that our travel website will help others enjoy traveling as much as we do.

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