Mt. Kilimanjaro Trek Video (including Safari Video)

Bill and Nancy's Excellent Adventure: To the Roof of Africa

Format: DVD (U.S.)

Running Time: 22 minutes

Price: $19.95 (plus shipping and tax, if applicable.)

In October 2005 Bill and Nancy traveled to Tanzania, Africa to celebrate Nancy's 60th birthday and to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Six friends and twenty-two guides and porters joined them on their mountain adventure. They followed the Rongai route in an attempt to reach the highest point in Africa, Uhuru Summit at 19,341 feet. Nancy tells the story of their 6-day trek in this 22-minute video.

The DVD also contains the video of Bill and Nancy's African Safari.

Comments on Video
"I kept on smiling, laughing from the start to the finish. Its so nice, and educated and shows pretty much everything a prospective Kili trekker might need to know.", Narry Ernest

"I really enjoyed watching the video...I felt like I was there too! The scenery was beautiful, the starry skies were incredible, and the story was captivating." Jeff Doerner

"It was pretty damn entertaining." George Flynn

You can view the video online: The online version is the full 22-minute video in a small (360 pixels by 264 pixels) format. If you are on a cable or DSL Internet connection, the movie will start automatically. Do not try to view the movie online if you are on a dial up line; it will not play properly.

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